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Blepharitis is characterized by chronic inflammation of the eyelid, usually at the base of the eyelashes and happens bilaterally. This results in inflamed, irritated, itchy, and reddened eyelids. It is classified as squamous and ulcerative.


Blephaclean® is an innovative treatment of Blepharitis. It is not only useful in eliminating sebum, mucus and secretions, but also can act as a make-up remover. The newly added sodium hyaluronate is an effective ingredient for hydrating, healing and regenerating sensitive skin. 1 box of Blephaclean® contains 20 sterile, perfume-free and preservative-free individual wipes for daily eyelid hygiene of sensitive eyelids and skin.



  • How to use?

    A. Hygiene of eyelids and eyelashes:

    • Open a sachet and unfold the pad included
    • Keeping the eye closed, gently apply the pad to the eyelids and the base of eyelashes
    • Carefully massage the eyelids with small circular movements, gently removing any crusts, secretion or cosmetics


    B. Hygiene of the eyelid margin:

    • Open a sachet and unfold the pad included
    • In front of a mirror, carefully open the eyelids by lightly pulling on the lashes.
    • Carefully rub the eyelid margin using a rolled-up pad
    • Repeat the operation on the other eye, using new pad
    • Use on average twice a day (morning and evening)
    • No need to rinse after use
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