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Blepharitis is characterised by chronic inflammation of the eyelid, usually at the base of the eyelashes and happens bilaterally. This results in inflamed, irritated, itchy, and reddened eyelids. It is classified as squamous and ulcerative.


Blephagel® Duo is an eyecare product for daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids. It is suitable for cleansing desquamated and impurity-soiled eyelid edges and eyelash roots, emulsifying and gently removing mucus. Formulated to minimise risks of allergic reactions, Blephagel® Duo is perfume-free, non-greasy and soothes eyelids without any alteration of skin pH balance. 1 box of Blephagel® Duo contains a tube of 40g Blephagel® and 100 pieces of pads for daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids and eyelashes.

Blephagel® Duo

  • How to use?

    • Apply a small amount of Blephagel® on a pad
    • Keep your eye closed, gently apply the pad to eyelids and eyelash roots
    • Carefully massage eyelids and eyelash roots with small circular movements and gently remove any crusts, dandruffs or secretions
    • Repeat the above steps for another eye using a new pad
    • Use 1 pad for each eye
    • Use twice daily or when needed
    • Suitable for contact lens wearer
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