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Efficort® Cream can improve the conditions of various types of dermatoses, it is also anti-flaking, anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory.

According to the WHO’s classification of topical corticosteroids, Efficort® is classified as potent (Group III). (1)


Active Ingredient

Efficort® Cream contains Hydrocortisone aceponate 0.127%. Its unique molecular structure gives it two advantages over the general topical corticosteroids: 

1. Increases penetration into the skin (2)

The active ingredient of Efficort® Cream increases rate of cutaneous penetration, making it more effective. This allows a lower dosage administration.

2. Reduces side effects which makes it safer (3)

The active ingredient of Efficort® Cream enables high local activity with reduced systemic effects. It also minimizes atrophogenic potential.



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Efficort® Cream

  • Dosage

    Adults: Once to twice daily in a thin layer over the affected skin areas. Gently massage in until it has been completely absorbed.

    Infants and young children: Once daily

  • Packing

    Each tube contains 30 g cream

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