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  • Developed and manufactured by Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria (IFC), SPAIN
  • Easy to spread, invisible emulsion for daytime care of skin with spots
  • Parabens-free
  • Clinically proven effective to reduce Melasma Area and Severity Index by 74%, upon continuous application for 3 months
  • Efficacy and tolerability have been tested in Asian skin
  • Each tube contains 40ml GelCream


Innovative RetinSphere® Technology

  • Increase cell renewal
  • Increase exfoliation, speeding up the shedding of those darker skin cells


Whitening Booster System

  • Contain evidence-based brightening and lightening agents Kojic acid, ChromaBright® and Natriquest®
  • Stop the development and transfer of melanin at every stage of its production cycle.


Moisturizing actives and Anti-irritant

  • Soothe and moisturize the skin


SPF 50 Sunscreen

  • Prevent further melanin production



NeoRetin GelCream SPF 50

  • How can NeoRetin Discrom Control help?

    Stress, hormonal change and environmental factors may lead to different kinds of skin problems, e.g. acne and hyperpigmentation. Whether we admit it or not, having skin problems not only affect appearance, but also impact our quality of life as we are unable to fully embrace living it to the fullest. On good skin days, people are naturally more confident, presenting their best face to the world. So, let’s start to choose the right skincare products now!

  • Know more about Dark Spots

    A dark spot refers to a hyperpigmentation of the skin commonly occurring in middle aged women. Dark spots occur when a localized patch of melanin produced accumulates on a specific area on the skin. It can be located on the forehead, face or cheek bone area, and can be worsened by sun exposure. There are several factors that lead to dark spot:


    • Sun exposure
    • Hormonal variances caused by stress, contraceptive pills, pregnancies
    • Inflamed or injured skin (including acne, folliculitis or laser therapy)


    Most commonly seen dark spots include freckles, age spots, melasma and sunspots.

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