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Thealoz Duo® contains two active ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate and Trehalose. A unique combination of these two natural bio-protective molecules helps not only in moisturizing but also in the protection and recovery of our corneal health. Sodium Hyaluronate is known as nature’s moisturizer as one molecule of hyaluronic acid can bind thousand molecules of water, so it can reduce the evaporation rate of tear. Besides, trehalose improves the water capacity of corneal cells and the appearance of ocular surface epithelial disorders due to desiccation through suppression of apoptosis. Moreover, Thealoz Duo® is preservative-free as it is presented in patented ABAK bottle that can effectively eliminate the bacterial contamination and help in the relief of dry eye symptoms.


Thealoz Duo® is suitable for:

  • Dry eye patients
  • People with prolonged use of computer
  • Contact lenses wearers
  • People working in the air-conditioned environment
  • People at any ages, including the elderlies



Thealoz Duo®

  • What is Dry eye syndrome (DES)?

    Dry eye syndrome, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is a dry eye condition. Dry eye occurs when either the eye does not produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly.


    Click here to learn more about Dry eye syndrome (DES)

  • Dosage

    1 drop 4 – 6 times a day