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APO-go® PUMP is a small and lightweight device used for continuous subcutaneous infusion.


APO-go® PUMP is suitable for patient who:

  • Needs >6 injections per day
  • Experiences too many motor fluctuations due to prolonged intake of Levedopa


  • What is APO-go®?

    Apo-go® is an anti-Parkinson drug in the class of ‘dopamine agonist’, with active ingredient Apomorphine. Apo-go® is useful to control motor fluctuations [‘ON-OFF' phenomena (which is usually caused by prolonged intake of Levodopa)] in patients with Parkinson's disease who are not sufficiently controlled by oral anti-Parkinson medication.

    The active ingredient of APO-go® enters your body by subcutaneous injection/infusion. APO-go® allows you to bypass the dysfunctional GI tract to achieve clinical effects in 4–12 minutes and provides a rapid, reliable ‘ON’ for patients. APO-go® is clinically proven effective to rescue patients from ‘OFF’ periods rapidly, and can reduce daily dose of Levodopa.

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