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Developed and manufactured by Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria (IFC), SPAIN


Gentle in-depth cleansing of combination, oily and acne-prone skin.

Helps eliminate impurities and excess sebum, leaving skin soft, calm and



Unique antimicrobial BIOPEP-15

  • Not an antibiotic
  • Antibacterial against Propionibacterium acne (P. Acnes)
  • Effective against resistant strains, causes no resistance
  • Reduces inflammation


Piroctone olamine 

  • Sebum-regulator with antibacterial effect


Aloe vera

  • Sebum-regulator with anti-inflammatory and soothing effect


Algae Extract

  • Mattifying skin complexion



  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect


Hamamelis virginiana

  • Anti-inflammatory effect


Special features:

Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation-associated redness

Calming: soothes and calms skin

Astringent: reduces pore size, restores the physiological condition of the skin

Antioxidant: neutralizes free radicals

BiRetix Cleanser

  • How to use?

    Apply morning and evening to wet skin, massaging gently.

    Let act 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


  • Packing

    Tube of 150ml cleansing gel

  • Know more about Acne

    Acne is a skin disease that is characterized by the appearance of pimples on various parts of the body such as the neck, face, back, chest as well as shoulders. The disease, which is very common, is a result of clogged up hair follicles caused by oil and dead skin cells. The growth and reproduction of bacteria (Propionibacterium acne) in hair follicles further promote inflammation and acne formation.

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