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Hymovis® is the newest generation of hyaluronic acid which is known as HYADD®4. It is a non-chemically crosslinked molecule with less modification on its physical properties, allowing it to simultaneously play two important roles on your knees. Firstly, “Improving the Quality of Synovial Fluid” and secondly, “Shock Absorption with Lubricating Effects”. Apart from being an effective treatment of osteoarthritis, Hymovis® is the only intra-articular hyaluronic acid approved by the European Union for the treatment of meniscal injuries.


Characteristics of Hymovis®:

  • Proven Efficacy and Safety
  • Boosts Sports Performance
  • Promotes Synovial fluid’s viscoelasticity in degenerating joints
  • Rapid and Sustained Joint Pain Relief
  • Enhances Joint’s Mobility


  • What is Meniscal lesions?

    The meniscus is one of the two menisci of the knee which is crescent-shaped fibrocartilaginous tissue that acts like a pad to disperse our body weight. It reduces friction during movement (Please refer to the figure on the left). Meniscal injuries can be divided into two categories: Degenerative tears (results from severe meniscus attrition induced by osteoarthritis and other joint diseases) and traumatic tears (mostly induced by sports injuries). Although severe form of meniscus injuries may require surgery, Hymovis® can relief pain and other symptoms associated with mild to moderate meniscus injuries.

  • Package

    Two 3ml pre-filled syringes


  • Dosage & Administration

    One treatment only takes two injections, with 1-2 weeks apart

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