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Itami is a topical Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) medicated plaster which can eliminate the systemic adverse events that are usually induced by oral administration. The Itami plaster is an adhesive patch with the active ingredient of 140 mg sodium diclofenac. The patch adheres even in the presence of prolonged irregular contours and points of greatest friction. Itami medicated plaster is an effective local treatment of painful and inflammatory problems with the joints and muscles. It also ensures constant and continuous release of the active drug up to 12 hours.


Characteristics of Itami plaster:

  • Odorless, smooth and thin
  • The non woven fabric mesh ensures skin is breathable
  • Non-irritants to the skin
  • 12-hour efficacy
  • Effective treatment of the localized pain


  • Package

    Each plaster is packaged in an individual envelope and 10 plasters per box.

    Plaster size (10 x 14 cm)

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