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The Provox® Brush cleans the lumen and valve of the Provox voice prosthesis. Safety wings on the brush shaft help to prevent accidental aspiration of the Provox® Brush. Available in two lengths.


  • Easy and efficient cleaning
  • Can also be bent for individual adaptation
  • Also used to insert the Provox Plug or Provox Vega Plug





Provox® Brush - For cleaning of the voice prosthesis

  • Instruction of use

    1. First wet the brush head with clean water or followed by the doctor's prescription, and then insert the brush into the lumen and valve inside Provox® Vega.
    2. Gently move the Provox® Brush back and forth or twist it so as to clean the voice prosthesis.
    3. The above cleaning steps can be repeated as many times as needed. It is suggested to use the Provox® Flush with water or air after that for better outcome.
    4. After brushing the voice prosthesis, clean the brush with clean water or hot water from 50°C to 100 °C if needed. Let the brush drip-dry after washing.
    5. In order to achieve the best cleaning results, a new brush must be replaced every month. Even though the bristles look intact, it is essential to replace it to prevent bacteria /fungus overgrowth.
    6. Some dietary measures, like the daily intake of yoghurt or butter milk containing lactobacilli, are considered to be helpful against excessive Candida growth. It is also useful in reducing the water leakage caused by biofilm formation and prolonging the lifespan of the voice prosthesis.
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