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Consistency, device life, voice quality and ease of voicing are important factors when choosing the right voice prosthesis. Clinical studies show that the Provox® Vega has superior device life and that it provides the best voice quality, requires the lowest speaking effort and is the easiest and most effective to clean.


Majority of the users selected the Provox® Vega as their preferred voice prosthesis compared to other voice prostheses.


Provox® Vega speech samples as perceived by clinicians in blinded ratings:

  • Less strained
  • Easier to understand
  • Produced with less effort
  • Having a better voice quality


The Provox® Vega voice prosthesis comes with an Insertion System that gives more control and greater flexibility.

  • Adapts to patient anatomy and clinician’s preferred insertion method
  • Creates an ideal fold of the esophageal flange
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Provox® Vega

  • What is Total laryngectomy?

    Total laryngectomy is a surgical procedure performed in advanced stages of cancer in or near the voice box (larynx). Undergoing a total laryngectomy can be an overwhelming experience, but you are not alone. There are more than 100,000 people worldwide that have undergone the same operation and it is possible to return to a good life.

  • How to clean the Provox® Vega?

    It is important to clean the Provox® Vega at least twice a day (day and night or after meal) in order to prolong the device life. Brushing the prosthesis with the Provox® Brush twice a day will help to remove mucus and food remnants from the prosthesis.

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