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Trismus is also known as “lockjaw”. People who have Trismus will have reduced ability to open their mouth or feel pain when opening mouth. If not treated promptly and properly, this hidden disability can seriously affect recovery, health and quality of life.


The TheraBite® Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System™ is a portable device that is effective for treating Trismus. It helps you to restore movement and flexibility of jaw, joints and connective tissues by utilizing repeated stretching and passive motion. It is clinically proven to increase mouth opening by around 1cm after a 6-10 weeks of stretching program.


Characteristics of TheraBite®

  • Anatomically correct - it can follow the naturally curved motion of the jaw
  • Patient controlled - speed and opening range can be adjusted directly by you, using manual force, or the Fine Adjustment Knob
  • Portable - the TheraBite® system is durable and lightweight
  • Load-bearing comfort - the mouthpieces are designed that the load-bearing forces of stretching spread across the teeth
  • Effective - it is clinically proven to be effective to improve conditions in thousands of patients suffering from Trismus
  • For all ages - it is available in both adult and pediatric versions


  • Treatment Algorithm “7-7-7”

    7-7-7 is the most commonly used treatment program. The program takes no more than 10 minutes per day. It consists of:


    • 7 sessions per day
    • 7 stretches per session
    • 7 second stretch each opening


  • Want to know more?

    Click here to check out how TheraBite® can help Trismus patients.

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